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Garden Design & Services
  • Private estates

  • Public gardens

  • Nature play spaces

  • Staging of outdoor plants and pottery 

82 Prospect, Madison-FrontUrnWithSkipper-sharpenedIMG_0478 (2).jpg
82 Prospect,Madison-ArborRose-PinkIMG_1427.jpg

"Cindy has deep horticultural knowledge and a terrific eye for design.  She is completely trustworthy in all aspects of her career.  I cannot recommend her too highly."


          ~ Madison/ Private client

"Your photos are absolutely stunning!  They illustrate the importance of maintaining the grounds and allowing the brilliance of the gardens to further compliment the estate.  Your work in keeping them so well established is obvious and to be commended."

  ~Janet M. , Sothebys International Realty

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Prospect St., Madison-PopcornRosesIMG_20160907_101718_hdr (3).jpg
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